Do You Even Build Bro Game

This is a competitive multiplayer game made for Ludum Dare Game Jam 41 in collaboration with Ramon Jutaviriya. We had 3 days to make the complete game within the theme of combining multiple genres. We combined a building game with a traditional 2D competive fighting game.

You can try out the game in the window above with a friend. The controls are shown when the game starts. 

Tools used
-Gamemaker Studio
-Adobe Illustrator

//Game Design
The player has the ability to place blocks of wood beneath them to either stand on or block the other players weapons. The players have to constantly be building upwards as the scafolding moves downwards taking the placed blocks with it. This ensures that players cannot become comfortable and have to always be using the construction mechanic. 

//Game Feel
How the character movement code is written is really important for a game like this since the players movement needs to feel accurate but also forgiving. The player can move their position while in the air and they also have a small amount of interia which makes the movment feel more natural. Additionaly, players can choose to walk off a platform then jump rather than jumping straight away. This opens up a lot more possible moves for the character and is easier for players who accidently fall off blocks.