Emomentm 14 Wheel Electric Vehicle

The issue of air pollution caused by vehicle engines is a huge problem facing the future of cities. Increasing population densities and conjestion in urban environments means that alternative modes of transport need to be used. Small electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular such as electric scooters and skateboards. This project explores the potential future of E-mobility through the design of a completely new type of vehicle.

The lightweight vehicle comprises of a recharageable battery, wireless power control electronics, drive train, and 14 wheels. The wheels are fixed to the axle in an arc formation which allows it to turn as the user leans from side to side. The user controls the vehicle through a handheld trigger which controls the speed of the drive motor. The board has an iridecent finish on the top and underside surface to aid in visibility for road users.

//Snowboarding On Land
The arc wheel arrangment gives the board a unique riding experience similar to snowboarding. It is very different to a conventional skateboard as you can lock into the turns without springing back. It’s easy to carve around obstacles and curves.

The board is powered by a brushless motor similar to that used on a large quadcopter. This provides a huge amount of torque in a compact size and can also be used to recharge the battery when the user is slowing down. The power is transfered from the motor to the central drive wheel through a geared pulley and belt which further increases the torque.

//Power and Control
The motor and electronics are powered by a pair of recharagable li-po batteries which allow up to 6 miles of range on a single charge. The handheld controller communicates with the board through a 2.4 GHz reciever which then controls the motors speed thorugh the VESC speed controller.

//Tools Used
+ Solidworks
+ FDM printer
+ Handmade Prototyping
+ Adobe Illustrator
+ Adobe Indesign
+ Adboe Photoshop

+ Plywood
+ Iridescent Vinyl
+ White PLA
+ Polyurethane Wheels
+ Transulcent Grip Tape
+ Turnigy Brushless Motor
+ Li-Po Battery
+ VESC Speed Controller
+ Photography by David Prior Hope
+ Filmed Footage by Ramon Jutaviriya
+ Jun 2018