Graphic Design For Open House 2020

Brand identity design and printing of all graphic assets for the Dyson School Departement Open House Exhibition 2020. This included advertising resources, posters, animations, stickers, T-shirts, banners and project information poster templates.

//Open House Poster
This is the main poster created to advertise the event across campus and advertise within the Dyson building.

//Logo Animations
To get more engagement when advertising animations and gifs were made for use on social media and emails.

//Associated Events
The graphic design identity was also used to create graphic resources for events happening within the exhibition. This included the Soap Box talks event where students and lecturers can present to the public and their peers.

//Tools Used
+ Adobe Illustrator
+ Adobe Indesign
+ Tomáš Kňaze
+ Melisa Muković
+ David Prior Hope
+ Dr Stephen Green
+ March 2020