Peak Velocity Game

Peak Velocity is a computer game made in collaboaration with KP Kriengkomol for the 3 day long Ludum Dare 45 Game Jam.

The game is a platform runner where you are tasked with collecting the remaining fragments of technology. To help you with this, you are equped with the ability to slow down time itself. This enables you to construct objects such as platforms and springs which help in getting over large gaps or high buildings.

If you are using a suitable web browser you can play the game by clicking the window at the top of the page. Press and hold the mouse button to jump over buildings and obstacles. Use the mouse to build objects when in slo motion mode.

Tool used
-Unity 3D


We wanted to create a world that felt futuristic but still lived in with a dark atmosphere.

Unity 3D shaders were used to help create a cyberpunk city feeling. These modify the redered image before the player usings allowing manipulation of colours and shapes etc. Chromatic aberration towards the edge of your view port and blooming effects on lights help bring the world to life. 

//Game Coding

The game was developed in Unity 3D and coded with C#. The most challenging feature of the game to create was the slow motion build mode. The players movement speed and animations are all slowed down while the camera animates to the build mode position.